Rules and Regulations

  1. The students at START should leave no stone unturned in preparing themselves for the various National and State level competitive exams while remaining committed to leading an exemplary life that would be worthy of emulation by others.

  2. Every student should strictly adhere to the academic calendar (Handbook) issued by the institution.

  3. Every student should observe the principle of PUNCTUALITY without fail. Students should be present in their classes before the arrival of the teachers. They should also be on time for both morning and evening study.

  4. Students should remain an epitome of virtue not only at the training centre and the hostel but also outside the campus.

  5. Any act of indiscipline or misconduct within or outside the campus will result in the dismissal of the student(s) concerned.

  6. All the students should respect the authorities, and the teaching and non-teaching staff of START. Any sign of disrespect in their behavior towards the staff will not be tolerated.

  7. No words or actions that could hurt the dignity and self respect of the other will be tolerated.

  8. The use of mobile phones is strictly restricted. Non-compliance with this rule will be viewed as an act of indiscipline.

  9. Use of any intoxicants/drugs is a serious offence that will lead to the dismissal of the users.

  10. No student will be allowed the privilege of outing except on the scheduled days and time.

  11. Every student ought to maintain absolute silence, at all times, at places such as the Chapel, dormitory, study hall, toilet area, library and the computer lab.