START'S Vision and Mission

For the growth and sustenance of any society or country or world at large unimpeachable leadership is an indispensable factor. The world has always been led either to development or to ruin by leaders of varying natures at different times in the history of human civilization. What our scientifically, materially, and economically developed world requires today is selfless, God fearing, altruistic and morally driven leaders. The word “Leaders” does not remain confined only to administrators or politicians. Rather, leaders include devoted teachers, writers, lawyers, social workers, IT experts and so on.

Hence, the ultimate objective of educational institutions ought not to be just the creation of skilled workforce only. While that is important, no one denies that, educational institutions should also focus on the creation of people of unquestionable integrity. They should strive hard to create citizens who are able to become vibrant, transforming forces on all spheres of social life - people who can lead and guide their fellow citizens to fashion a harmonious as well as equitable world which today seems to be more elusive than ever. It was with this objective that START was established and it still continues to pursue, with relentless determination, to achieve those objectives through the students trained here.

The course of study followed here, therefore, places great emphasis upon the development of a balanced personality, rooted in Christian values, spiritual enlightment and social commitment. It promotes the cultivation of robust intellectual vigour, moral integrity and skills in communication that are required to convert young individuals to agents of change in society and competent leaders in their chosen fields of activity.